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Our web site packages ( ) provide an affordable solution with advanced features usually only found in sites costing hundreds or even thousands more, including a web site management system that lets you update your web site through your web browser.

So you can instantly add new content to your site from anywhere in the world with web access.

There's no need to know HTML, no wrestling with complicated software, no lost time figuring out bugs in your site's code. Just log in to your Admin page, add or update your site content, preview the changes, then click a button to update your site. You're done!

Maintaining your site is so easy, you'll find that it's a simple matter to keep your site fresh and up to date with new content. You'll be able to respond immediately to the needs of your customers and site visitors, quickly deploy new marketing initiatives, and make your site a dynamic, adaptable and integrated extension of your business.

View a demo of the word-processor like window that provides to allow easy editing of your web pages.

Make Your Site Flexible and Scalable

Looking to add more dynamic and interactive features to your site? Choose a Plug-in or Utility to add features such as a shopping cart, response form, site search, site data backup… and more!

Our modular system of development allows easy and rapid integration of new tools into your site. So add a feature now, or add it in the future. Our web site packages give you the flexibility to expand your site along with your business!

Lower Your Costs , Increase Your Profits!

Return on Investment (ROI) is a critical component of successful e-marketing. Our streamlined, modular approach to web development allows you to increase ROI for your site by first reducing your upfront costs. (Our sites cost far less than others with comparable features.)

Now you can afford advanced custom web site features at a fraction of the cost with our new and revolutionary approach to site design and administration.

  Package One $499 Package Two $749 Package Three $1299
Content Pages 3 7 15
Plugins/Utilities Optional 2 4
VersaSite Control Panel Yes Yes Yes
META Keyword Generation Yes Yes Yes
Search Engine Submission Optional 1 2
Post Site & Test Yes Yes Yes
Expandability Yes Yes Yes

Expand Any Package
Add A Content Page $60.00
Add A Plugin or Utility $100.00 (base price)
Shopping Cart $179.00 ($79.00 with package 2 or 3 above)
Custom Graphics or Web Design $95/hour
Custom SQL
Database Programming
$125 hr.

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